Five ways to thank the pets in our lives on Thanksgiving

Five ways to thank the pets in our lives on Thanksgiving

Published by The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. on Nov 14th 2016

The ever-expanding “holiday season” has been taking a lot of heat lately.

Although 135.8 million people are expected to start their gift shopping Thanksgiving weekend, a research firm found last year that 65 percent of consumers “hate or dislike” it when stores start sales on Thanksgiving Day.

So, people WILL go to fight the crowds for that smart TV sale, but they’d rather be drowsing on the couch with their loved ones.

We at Lazy Dog Cookie Co. applaud Black Friday backlash  - not because we don’t want to sell you delicious treats for your dog - but because the Thanksgiving weekend is one of the rare chances many people get during the year to enjoy a few days of relaxed downtime with the people - and pets - who are most important.

This year, a slew of retailers have vocally backed away from holiday sprawl. T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and Homegoods, and DSW, Apple, Costco, Crate & Barrel, IKEA, Nordstrom, Sam’s Club, Staples - to name a few - have all promised not to open on Thursday.

REI took it a step further and made Black Friday a paid holiday for its employees. The company is encouraging workers to spend the day outdoors, exploring, adventuring and otherwise anti-Black Friday-ing.

It’s great marketing to denounce the hyper-commercialism that turned a national day of thankfulness into “Gray Thursday.”

It’s also smart business. When Gray Thursday started, sales on Thanksgiving weekend fell about 11 percent - even with the weekend extended to four days of shopping. Retailers began to realize that not only was “sale mania” depriving their own families and employees of important time together, it was stealing the juice from weekend sales.

There are many ways you can enjoy the holiday with your canine best friend, even if your dog can't join you at the table:

  • Take a morning dog jog

While many Turkey Trots are off-limits to our four-legged friends, starting Thanksgiving Day with a six-legged run (You + Fido) is a great way to begin the holiday relaxed and energized.

  • Create a safe room

If you are having guests, mark off a quiet, safe space in your house and furnish it before your guests arrive with toys, chews, a comfy crate or bed, soft music and a pillow sprinkled with lavender oil. Everyone will be happier if the dog is safely contained during dinner instead of getting into trouble with candles, fallen scraps, young guests and food-filled counters and tables.

Practice in the days before Thanksgiving so your dog is happy to come and go from the room.

  • Make time for a fetch break

Have a ball or disk on hand to toss with your pooch. Games and attention will help dispel excess energy that can cause bad behavior.

  • Walk it off

Go for a walk with your dog after dinner. It’s a good way for both of you to burn off holiday calories from earlier in the day.

  • Don’t forget to cuddle

It’ll be good for everyone.

Thanksgiving snack alert!

No matter how much your canine pal gives you those sad puppy dog eyes, do not let your dog eat these pet-unsafe foods:

turkey skincooked bones

But here are a few safe, healthy Lazy Dog treats your dog will love….

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