Of Pumpkins and Poems and Pooches

Of Pumpkins and Poems and Pooches

Published by The Lazy Dog Cookie Company on Oct 4th 2016

"And thy life be as sweet, and its last sunset sky

Golden-tinted and fair as thy own Pumpkin pie!”

John Greenleaf Whittier, American poet and anti-slavery activist, 1807-1892

Pumpkin Harvest, By Petty Officer 3rd Class Ciarra Thibodeaux [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Is there anything as emblematic of harvest in America as a fragrant pumpkin pie, peachy as the sunset and sweet as childhood memories? The Lazy Dog Cookie Company is in full pumpkin love, and we’ve worked with veterinary nutritionists to find the most delicious ways to share the joy of autumn with your favorite canines.

For 7,000 years in the Americas, people didn’t get romantic and misty-eyed about pumpkins. They respected the nutritious squashes for their size and reliability, especially in years where corn and wheat crops were scarce. Whole pumpkins stored well into the wintry depths when food was scarce. And when there wasn’t enough barley, pumpkin could even be used to make beer.

A pilgrim poem of the time drily extolled the common pumpkin:

"We have pumpkins at morning

and pumpkins at noon.

If it were not for pumpkins

we should be undoon."

It wasn’t until Americans began to move off the farms that the orangey goodness of big, round pumpkins began to arouse nostalgic longing. Now the glamor girls of fall, pumpkins inspire romantic poems, idyllic paintings, festivals, flavored coffees, scented candles and even vodka cocktails.

It’s not just the charm of cinnamon and ginger that makes pumpkin a compelling choice for healthy, all-natural dog treats. Pumpkin is great for doggie digestion. It is loaded with soluble fiber and can help rebalance an upset puppy tummy and make your dog feel more satisfied. Pumpkin is strong with Vitamin A, which is good for vision health, and Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and helps promote joint health.

With its bountiful antioxidant beta-carotene, pumpkin can help slow the aging process, and its zinc may improve your dog’s skin and coat.

The Original Pup-PIE, Homestyle Pumpkin, Natural Pie Shaped Treat for Dogs

Lazy Dog's Homestyle Pumpkin Pup-PIE is made with the goodness of natural pumpkin, organic oats, molasses, peanut butter, cinnamon and ginger with our signature dairy-free, non-GMO coating. It’s a pie you’ll love sharing with your dog.

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The Lazy Dog Cookie Company's Pumpkin Gingrrs, All-Natural Dog Treats

For a big box of harvest love, try The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.’s crunchy, heart-shaped Pumpkin Gingrrs. Made simply with a short list of compassionately vegan, wheat-corn-and-soy free ingredients, each .15 ounce treat has only 25 calories. And the package honors one of our first rescue dogs, the lovely spaniel mix, Hazle, who passed away in March after 12 years as a part of our family.

Satisfy your dog’s urge to crunch. 

Hanker for something more exotic? Chow Chow Mein is a healthy box of crunchy pumpkin ginger biscuits with a cute red take-out box. Get Home Delivery of Chow Chow Mein. 

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