Why we decided to introduce elicksors full spectrum extracted CBD canine drops and treats.


Last March we purchased some CBD oil and tried it on our 13-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer Hoagie.  Hoagie was experiencing hip and joint issues and started taking Carprofen to help with inflammation.  After one week of using CBD oil we noticed a huge change in his energy, strength and mobility.  He started walking up the steps again and jumping off the couch.  After only a few weeks he no longer needed Carprofen.  His overall health and wellbeing improved and even his fur looked shinier.  Because of this personal experience with full spectrum hemp oil extracted CBD we decided to start researching how we could incorporate this amazing supplement into our product line.  Well over the next few months CBD drops, and treats exploded.  You can’t hardly pick-up a magazine or turn on the news and hear mention of CBD.  We are amazed at how many start-up companies are coming out with CBD products for pets.  CBD is becoming a commodity ingredient that can have drastically different quality and potency levels.  Introducing another commodity CBD product just wasn’t good enough for us.  This is why we decided to find a trusted expert in the full spectrum help category that could help us provide the highest quality, rigorously tested full spectrum hemp oil available.  


For almost 20 years you’ve trusted our brand with providing the highest quality treats for your best friend.  This is why we wanted to have full transparency so you exactly from who and what quality full spectrum hemp oil we are using in our treats and drops. 


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