Will CBD get my dog high?


While CBD can have MANY great side effects (aiding in sleep, pain relief, and lessening of anxiety just to name a few) our CBD oil will not get you high. Elicksors CBD does not contain THC, which is responsible for the traditional high associated with cannabis.

Is there THC in Lazy Dog elicksor products?


Lazy Dog elicksors products feature full spectrum hemp oil extracted CBD oil with ZERO THC.  All products are 3rd party tested to ensure there are zero traces of THC present.

Where does the lazy dog elicksors CBD come from?

CBD is extracted from organic Hemp plants grown in Kentucky and Colorado.

Where IS lazy dog elicksor products made?

Products are manufactured in Kentucky and Maine.

How is the lazy dog elicksor CBD extracted (ethanol/alcohol, supercritical CO2 Distillate, etc.)?

Supercritical C02 distillate extraction processes are used for all products. 

Who does the 3rd party testing on your products?

We have a handful of testing labs in both Kentucky and Maine where the product is being manufactured.   All product is tested for cannabinoid concentration, microbiological, pesticide, residual solvent and trace metals. We avoid the use of hydrocarbons solvents in all processing and use only the highest quality ingredients.

Visit our 3rd-Party Testing page to view our current test results.

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