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Healthy Benefits

healthybenefits.jpgGood nutrition is the key to a dogs’ long and healthy life. All of our USA made original recipes call for only the best dog friendly/dog approved all natural ingredients and they are researched and developed with your dogs’ happiness and health in mind.

Oat Flour

Rich in B Vitamins & Minerals and an easily digestible Carbohydrate source (Carbohydrates are a great source of readily available energy).

Canola Oil (non-hydrogenated) 

High in antioxidant Vitamin E.


Full of minerals and a few other nutrients.


High in antioxidants and great for digestion.

Sweet Potato

Contain amino acids, antioxidants and are high in fiber.

Unsweetened Coconut

Acts as a natural roughage.


Rich in Potassium.

Natural Peanut Butter

High in Protein, Biotin and natural oils.


Great for your belly.


Excellent source of Vitamins and Mineral.