The Lazy Dogs



Bodi was our first dog. He loved to ride with the top down in our Jeep and go swimming in the creek. He loved to roll in the snow and hide in the tub during thunderstorms. Bodi went everywhere with us. He was our protector and our best friend. The day we had to say goodbye to him was difficult. Now he lives in our hearts and that is where he will be forever.



Adopted in 2004 from ACES near Detroit, MI, Charlie came into our family with a lot of issues, hence her nickname Crazy Charlie. She took a lot of figuring out, but once we did, she turned out to be one very comical dog. Sadly, we only had 4 years with Charlie. We believe they were the best 4 years of her life. We loved Charlie and talk of her often. Love and laugh, adopt a dog.



Elmo was our second dog as a family and he was my "soulmate." I don't think volumes of notebook space would be enough room to tell you about him. I can say he loved to eat, he was silly looking and he had hundreds of funny nicknames like: Pork Chop, Smelly Elly and Russell Slimmons. His passing was hard on all of us. My advice is, make everyday count so you can keep close all those great memories.



When we rescued Hairiot off of the road in the summer of 2012, she was in bad shape. After going through the proper channels, we finally brought Hairiot home ​and made her one of the family. She fell asleep with a smile on her face the first night and has been happy as a clam ever since. If you see a dog in need, help them. Even if you can't bring them home, you may help them find their way back home. Don't turn a blind eye.



Adopted in 2004 from a rescue near Detroit, MI, Hazle was only 10 months old when she picked us to be her family. In her short life she had already had a litter of puppies and was heartworm positive. Now, she is an extremely smart, bossy, daddy’s girl who I sometimes think plots to have her daddy all to herself. Adopt a dog in need they will repay you with endless unconditional love.



Hoagie became part of our family in 2005, when he was a 7-week-old wee pup. He was one of the smartest and silliest puppies. Now he has turned into what we believe is a person trapped in a very hairy dog's body. Hoagie can be summed up in a few words.... a scruffy, needy, ball-fetching fiend. Oh how quickly the years have passed. Remember to love, hug and kiss your dog often.



Adopted from an Upstate NY rescue in late 2009, Jimmy came into our family as an elderly, feeble, toothless, tiny man. He was a sickly little guy for most the first year. We didn't know his age at the time, but estimate it to be about 13. Well, it's been close to 3 years now and the frail old man has turned into a spry puppy who loves life, toothless as ever! Adopt an elderly dog. The return is 10-fold.



Adopted in 2008 from an Upstate New York shelter, Lucy was a skinny, scared, beautiful girl who only wanted to stare at the squirrels outside in our bird feeder. One day about 6 months after we had rescued her, she finally realized that it was also nice to be loved and hugged - maybe even better. Now she splits her time between small-animal watching and snuggle-loving each day. The love a rescued dog gives is like no other.



Adopted in 2000 from a shelter in Northeastern PA, Mable was the sweetest dog you ever wanted to meet. She loved her daddy best. Sadly, we only had 4 short years with our little girl. She was the first dog we had to say goodbye to. She will always be in our hearts and we will never forget her. Whether you have 15 months or 15 years with an adopted dog, just remember you gave them the best time of their lives.



Adopted in 2011 from an Upstate New York rescue, Walter joined our family as a timid 5-month-old young gentleman with a bad case of separation anxiety. It took him about 4 months to realize he was “home” and safe. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. Remember adopted dogs need time to adjust. Please don’t give up on them. Give them time and you will have a best friend ‘til the end!

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