A Letter to our Customers

           As you may be aware there was an internet post at the end of April 2023 claiming that one of our Pup-PIE’s® made a customer's dog sick, as well as a prompting of the public at large to baselessly negative review and attack our company, our retailers, news outlets, people trying to defend us, and anyone associated with our company. Like many of you, we are animal lovers and would never want a product we sold to be a source of distress for any animal or their owner. Therefore, we invested a great deal of time and care to investigate this complaint. At the onset of this investigation, we spoke with numerous vets, dog nutritionists, retail partners, customers and animal food safety specialists about the situation and determined that the best precautionary measure we could take was to make a brand decision and voluntarily remove the Lot# of Pup-PIE’s® in question.  This was not a recall we made the decision to remove and test for the safety of your pets.  This removal began with our retail partners on May 5th, 2023 and has consequently ended.   

          During that time, we tested several samples of Pup-PIE’s® from this batch (from retail locations and retained samples) at independent laboratories and found NO toxins, pesticides, e-coli, or salmonella in these products (in addition to the normal testing for ingredients, as well as, protein, fat, fiber & moisture). We determined with the help of the FDA that there was absolutely no link to any dogs becoming ill from our Pup-PIE® and therefore the FDA deemed it unwarranted for this product or our company to be on the FDA recall/removal list.  Again, our company did not have a product recall we made the decision to remove and test for the safety of your pets.  

          At The Lazy Dog Cookie Company, we take pet nutrition and safety very seriously. We appreciate your understanding, patience, and support as we've investigated these concerns.  If you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to discuss.  

          The Pup-Pie’s® on your shelf today are made with care as they always have been and are ready for the happy consumption by your canine family.

💙 The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Family