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Lazy Dog Cookies Sales & Highlights ➡️

Treat them With Love - 3 Pack Bundles

Unwrap Joy with our Holiday Collection

Operation Drool Overload - Dogs on Deployment Partnership
Pawty Pack Bundles

How Lazy Dog Cookies began...

In 2001, while working as a microbiologist I became frustrated with all the treats on the market filled with undesirable ingredients. So, I decided to combine my love for dogs with a simple recipe from my home oven to create The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.  -Amy Augustine, Founder

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Our Collections of All Natural Dog Treats! ➡️

We added REAL fruit sprinkles to our dairy free frosting for an even tastier, nutritious treat for your pup! Vegan made, soft, chewy & oven baked with oats, peanut butter, pumpkin and gooey molasses and seasoned with cinnamon and ginger, these fruit forward pies for your furry furiends will have them celebrating all year long! There's a PupPIE®️ for every occasion! 🎉

The Original Pup-PIE®️

These oven baked treats are soft, crumbly and smell oh so amazing! Having all natural, simple ingredients and packed with antioxidant rich honey, they're sure to be a hit with even the pickiest treat connoisseurs!

Mutt Mallows®️

Crunchy, wholesome, oven baked YUM! Our most limited ingredient treat, only 5-6 per treat, including antioxidant rich pumpkin. Complete with grain free options, there's something for every pup to enjoy!

Treat them with LOVE®️

Soft & chewy just like our Pup-PIE's and dripping with pie & ice cream inspired flavor! Made with all natural ingredients, they'll have your pup feelin' like it's summer all year round!

Pup-PIE®️ & Ice Cream Slices

Have some 4 hoofed friends? We've got treats for them too! All natural, limited ingredient with NO added sugar. If rumors around the stables are true, these Cherry Vanilla Peppermint Horse Bitscuits™️ are "whinnyng"!

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation 🐴💕

Horse Bitscuits™️

Like DIY? Make it yourself at home! Not just for Birthdays! Make a cake or pup-cakes with our Birthday Cake Mix complete with confetti frosting, make them feel like it's their Birthday everyday! Or mix and freeze up our Ice Cream Mix to cool off on a hot day or enjoy snuggled up watching Netflix!

Mix at Home

Let's have a PAWty! The perfect pawty pack for your pup! Every pup deserves their very own pawty, complete with a yummy PupPIE®️! Boy and Girl options available!

PAWty Pack Bundles

Birthday Cake Bites

This viciously delicious treat is definitely not just for Birthdays! Make them feel like it's their birthday EVERYDAY! 🐾🎉 With the flavor of Toasted Vanilla and Honey, swirled with rainbow sprinkles how could you resist!

Wheat-Corn-Soy Free & Made in the USA

* High in Antioxidants
* Limited Ingredients
* Naturally Nutritious

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From our customers!

Chelsea C.

"My sister ordered my pup some of your goodies for his birthday and he LOVES them! I love that you are dedicated to using high quality, natural ingredients so we can feel good about feeding your treats to our boy. I just wanted to say thank you!"

Sarah-Kate W.

"Thank you so much! We loved being able to bake her a cake that was actually safe for her to eat! She loved it!"

Sherman, Rufus & Biscuit

"First time trying them, but won't be the last. They smell incredible and the boys love them."

Donne H.

"Absolutely enjoyed it! His new favorite cake! I've already told some of my friends about it, some cakes give them the runs, but this was perfect for Kobi!"

Stephanie M.

"We love your stuff!! Chloe was so happy with her doggie birthday cake!!! Thank you!!!!"

Karen B.

"Very big hit with our picky Birthday Girl, Marsali! We will definitely be buying it again!"

Michelle A.

"Thanks for making Brody's 14th Birthday a special one!

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