About Us

At The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. we believe in meaningful celebrations, everyday. Our story, from the very beginning, is one of community and the building of joyful celebrations with humans and our animal companions.

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As wonderful stories sometimes begin, the story of The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.started right in our home with our human and animal family and friends, and then organically expanded into our broader community. Pets are part of our family, and with our families we celebrate events large and small, together.  From birthdays, to holidays, to just a Saturday night gathering, we enjoy our time together - usually over food and dessert.  Across time, across cultures, across celebration types, we see that togetherness and the sharing of food, made with joy and care, are almost always present. 

While our best furry friends are there for us always, greeting us at the door, standing for a hug when we need it, or snuggling on the couch, we all know that pets are a big part of our daily lives. For these reasons and so many more, we feel that we should include our best friends in our celebrations – big and small. When we have human friends over, our pets might greet them with tail wags and happiness, but then we share a meal and a dessert with the humans – often excluding our best furry friends. The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. wanted to come up with a way to include them in our day-to-day celebrations of life. 

When you strive to contribute joy and celebration, of both humans and animals, you ask yourself how you can be of most benefit to the community. We have found that celebrations are found in everyday places – like providing jobs in the local community to those who may have a harder time with employment or providing a celebration vehicle to benefit the family pets of those serving our country on deployment, or to celebrate the daily home that a rescue animal gratefully enjoys.

As a microbiologist, our founder Amy recognized that humans enjoy gathering around food, and that our celebrations should include our beloved pets. She thought about the day-to-day joy that can come with enjoying snacks, shared together. With Amy’s knowledge of nutrition and the science of food, she makes healthier alternatives to the snacks and cakes that we would otherwise only recommending every once in a while. This means that we can treat them more often and more fully, thus celebrating them back when we get that tail wag, without worrying about feeding them too much junk.

Amy’s baking for her own pets, the pets of friends and family, and the pets of her local community became not just a business, but a way to foster true and lasting connections. Over time, Amy’s concept of celebrating with our best friends outgrew the home kitchen. She shared her high-quality products in a growing way across farmer’s markets and other community-building and life-giving environments. 

As demands on Amy’s baking increased, she looked for help with production right in her local community, with Saratoga Bridges. Saratoga Bridges is the premier community resource for people with disability and their families. Since 2005, we have worked with an amazing group of humans there in support of the packaging of our products to celebrate all our pets. Our local community means the world to us, as does the broader community and the pets they serve. 


In the interest of service, we are proudly connected to Dogs on Deployment, where we provide sponsorship of celebrations, promotion, and serve on their board. This wonderful organization partner provides foster homes for pets when their humans are serving the nation. Amy created Operation Drool Overload treats for this community, with proceeds helping to support this largest network of volunteer boarding homes and pet-related financial assistance to our military communities. Learning more about the military community across the globe and how we can best support joy in the lives of their animal friends has been a rewarding and community-building experience that we’ve enjoyed for over a decade.  


While we have a passion for the animals that live in our homes traditionally, we also care a great deal for all animals. The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. proudly supports the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, which is a safe haven for retired racehorses in our communities. Amy whipped up batches of Horse Bitscuits™️, taste tested by those big faces from her very palm, with then proceed percentages benefiting these amazing animals ongoing. 

The connect that The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. has with our communities and the celebrations that we encourage is truly our story. It’s been that way since day one, and we are proud to continue to foster relationships and joyful connections wherever we can. These are just a few of our partnerships in communities near and far, some others include: Animal Protective Foundation, Baltimore Humane Society, Heart of the Catskills Humane Society, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Saratoga County Animal Shelter, and many others.



Please join us in celebrating each other, animal family and friends included. Reach out anytime with new product or partnership ideas: Info@LazyDogCookies.com 


Read our Quality Story and the standards that our bakery, production and handling teams strictly follow.