Unleashing the Truth About Your Dog’s Treats

Unleashing the Truth About Your Dog’s Treats

As pet-parents, we want nothing more than to ensure our furry friends lead a healthy, happy life. One of the ways we can ensure their well-being is through their diet, making it essential to pay attention to what we are feeding them.

Let's delve deep into the world of dog treats, highlighting why it’s critical to know what’s in your dog’s treats and the benefits of opting for natural, limited-ingredient treats.

The Downside to Commercial Dog Treats

In perusing the pet-treat aisle, you may see a host of commercially produced dog treats, most of which contain unnecessary fillers, artificial ingredients, preservatives, by-products, and flavors. These substances might increase the appeal and shelf-life of the treats, but they can pose significant risks to your pet's health.

Common fillers like corn, wheat, and soy, are high in calories and low in nutrients, contributing to obesity in pets. Worse still, they can trigger food sensitivities or allergies, resulting in an array of unpleasant side effects such as skin complications, ear infections, or gastrointestinal problems.

Artificial preservatives and flavors, though enhancing the desirability and shelf life of dog treats, are concerning ingredients to find in your pet's treats. Some studies have linked artificial preservatives to allergies, while others suggest connections to more severe conditions, including cancer and a host of other auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.

The Promise of Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

Opposite to the pitfall-riddled commercial dog treats are the increasingly popular limited-ingredient dog treats — a breed of dog treats that place the focus on essential, beneficial ingredients and provide quality over quantity. Each treat includes only the bare minimum components necessary to be nutritious and enjoyable. This means you can say goodbye to unpronounceable ingredients and preservatives and say hello to wholesome, natural goodness. These treats focus on essential elements, offering high nutritional value compared to their ingredient-heavy counterparts.

Limited-ingredient treats highlight the philosophy that less is indeed more when it comes to pet nutrition. They offer multiple benefits, with the primary ones being:

  1. Hypoallergenic: By using fewer, natural ingredients, these treats drastically reduce the risk of triggering food allergies in your pet.
  2. High nutrients: These treats are rich with necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals, offering a nourishing snack for your pet.
  3. Easy Digestibility: Natural, simple ingredients are easier for your dog to digest, preventing gastrointestinal discomfort.
  4. Transparency: With a limited number of ingredients, you can easily tell what your dog is eating, providing you peace of mind.

The Advocacy for Natural, Limited Ingredient Treats

Adopting natural, limited-ingredient dog treats is a significant and commendable step towards ensuring a healthier lifestyle for your furry friend. By choosing these treats, you effectively eliminate unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients while ensuring that every treat time is a nourishing experience for your pet.

Limited ingredient dog treats, like Lazy Dog Cookie Co.’s Mutt Mallows®, are a prime example of this philosophy. Made with only 5-6 ingredients per treat, including antioxidant-rich honey and wholesome oats, they provide a nutritious, enjoyable snack for your pup without any unnecessary or harmful additions.

Lazy Dog Cookie Co.’s collection, including favorites like soft baked Mutt Mallows®, Pup-PIE®'s, Treat them with Love® crunchy cookies and chewy Pie & Ice Cream Inspired slices, perfectly align with this philosophy. These delectable treats are as enjoyable as they are healthy, thus proving taste and health do not have to be mutually exclusive!


The health of your pet extends beyond a shiny coat or active disposition. The shift towards understanding and valuing what's in your dog's treats is not just a trend but a vastly important part of pet-parenting. A careful study into their diet, paying particular attention to the quality of their treats, is a critical measure in ensuring their well-being. Understanding what goes into your pet's treats and selecting options that prioritize limited, natural ingredients without fillers or preservatives, are surefire ways to promote their health and happiness.

So remember, the next time you're shopping for dog treats, give your pet not just a taste but a healthier life as well, with natural and limited ingredient treats from brands like the Lazy Dog Cookie Co. After all, a healthier pet is a happier pet – and what more could we want as pet parents?


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