Celebrate Every Sip with Pup-POP™: More than Just Dog Water, It’s a Party in a Bowl!

In the world of loving pet parents, we understand that our four-legged family members deserve every bit of joy and celebration that life has to offer. After all, they're not just pets; they're a part of the family, sharing in our joys, our sorrows, and our unconditional love. That's why, when it comes to keeping them happy and hydrated, boring old water just doesn't cut it anymore. Enter Pup-POP™, the Celebration Hydration for Dogs that's redefining dog water and dog drink standards across the board!

Why Settle for Plain When You Can Have Pup-POP?

Imagine the difference a splash of flavor can make in your pet's daily hydration. Pup-POP™ Birthday Water isn't your average dog drink. It's a flavorful celebration, packed in every can, intended to make your dog's tail wag a little harder and their day a little brighter. With 100% dog-safe ingredients, this lightly flavored, non-carbonated filtered water turns every gulp into a party for their taste buds.

Incorporate the Joy of Pup-POP into Your Daily Rituals

Pup-POP™ is more than just a treat; it's a way to include your furry friends in every aspect of life's celebrations. Here's how you can infuse fun and hydration into your pet's routine, making every moment special:

Elevate Hydration
Transform their daily water routine by adding the flavorful zing of Pup-POP™. It’s like a daily celebration of their unending loyalty and love.
Adventure Awaits
Whether you're hitting the trails or enjoying a day out in the sun, Pup-POP™ is the perfect dog drink to keep them hydrated and excited. Don't leave home without it!
Happy Hour, ‘Yappy Hour’
Cheers to that special time of day with a bowl of Pup-POP™. It's their very own happy hour treat, celebrating the unbreakable bond you share.
Training with a Twist
Reward their success with sips of Pup-POP™. It's a tasty, hydrating reward that cheers on their progress.

Birthday & Pawty Favorites
Make their special day unforgettable with Pup-POP™. Perfectly pairs with Pup-PIE® or Birthday Cake Bites for a celebration filled with joy and licks.

Keep it Cool
Transform Pup-POP™ into a frosty treat by pouring it into your favorite ice trays. It’s the perfect way to beat the ‘ice tax’ with a tail-wagging, thirst-quenching party in every cube!
Creative Mixes
Amp up your homemade doggy desserts by using Pup-POP™ as a base for ice creams cakes or other pup friendly treats, adding an irresistible POP of flavor they’ll love.
Use it instead of water in our Bake at Home Cake Mix and Make at Home Ice Cream Mix!


The Perfect Blend of Fun and Health

Choosing Pup-POP™ is choosing a healthier, happier lifestyle for your furry friend. Lightly flavored and crafted with their well-being in mind, this dog water alternative ensures they stay hydrated in the most delightful way possible. It's the tasty, safe, and responsible way to keep the party going in their water bowl.



Raise a Bowl to Cherished Moments

Our dogs do far more than fill our homes; they fill our hearts and our memories with irreplaceable moments. So, here’s to our loyal companions – let's make every sip a cause for celebration. With Pup-POP™, you’re not just hydrating; you’re creating joyful moments one sip at a time!

Discover the joy of hydration with Pup-POP™ – because your dog deserves to be celebrated every day. YIP, SIP, HOORAY! 🎉



Celebrate them with a Pawty Pack! 🐶🎉